Below are slides (.pdf) and R code (.R).

Chapter slide set files

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Topic slides code
Probability pdf R
Discrete distributions pdf R
Continuous distributions pdf R
Central limit theorem pdf R
Multiple random variables pdf R


Topic slides code data
Statistics pdf R
Likelihood pdf R
Bayesian statistics pdf R
Normal model pdf R yield.csv
Confidence intervals pdf R
P values pdf R
Posterior model probability pdf R
Comparing probabilities pdf R
Comparing means pdf R
Multiple comparisons pdf R


Topic slides code
Simple linear regression pdf R
Regression diagnostics pdf R
Using logarithms in regression pdf R
Categorical explanatory variables pdf R
Multiple regression pdf R
ANOVA and F-tests pdf R
Contrasts pdf R
Experimental design pdf R
Two-way ANOVA pdf R

Supplementary materials

Topic slides code
Logistic regression pdf R
Poisson regression pdf R
Random effects pdf R

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Supplementary topics

Topic Source Handouts
Data Management Set01.Rnw Set01.pdf
Data Set02.Rnw Set02.pdf
Model comparison SetS04.Rnw SetS04.pdf
Random forests SetS05.Rnw SetS05.pdf