I have a history with Mark Yudof. Okay, it's not really much of a history, but he was the president of the University of MN when I was a master's student there. Now he is the president of the University of California system. He was interviewed recently by the NYTimes. I can't imagine him coming off any worse. Basically my take home message from this interview is that we pay him $540,000/year, provide a pension and housing allowing for him to smile, shake hands, and tell jokes. Here is a quote from the article:
How did you get into education? I don’t know. It’s all an accident. I thought I’d go work for a law firm.
Seriously?? Is he trying to get fired? My guess is that he is because he has some sort of golden parachute and he doesn't want to deal with the problems at the UC system.

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28 January 2010