Problem description


  • Feedback: Private (18 teams) v Public (19 teams)
  • Teams have 1 sniper and 2 spotters
  • 4 trials for each team:
    • first three trials have the same sniper
    • last trial has a different sniper

Responses (unclear what type of responses there are)

  • some team responses
  • some individuals respones


  • Do the teams/individuals learn?

Consulting response

Two possible approaches are 1) simplify and analyze with simpler models or 2) model the whole structure and build contrasts. This experiment is a repeated measures, partial cross-over, split-plot design and thus will be complicated to construct.

Simplify and analyze with simpler models

This approach would involve calculating the appropriate differences to address the scientific questions of interest. For example, to understand the impact of feedback on learning through differences in trial 1 and trial 3 at the team level, you can calculate differences for each team between trial 1 and trial 3 and then you just have a t-test model to compare public vs private.

Model the whole structure and build contrasts

Team responses

A model for team responses will be relatively straight-forward but will need a random effect for team that may call for a more sophisticated error structure than exchangeability.

Individual responses

The individual responses have a split-plot structure with cross-over due to the switching between trial 3 and trial 4.

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