• 3 large trays each with 7x5 array of small trays
  • each small tray can hold 6x3 array of plants


  • 105 mutants
  • 3 controls/checks: wildtype, mutant1, mutant2 105 mutant plant types + 3 controls (checks)


  • 2 treatment that can be assigned to a small tray:


measure leaf area (repeatedly over time)


  • How do mutants compare to wildtype under different treatments?
  • Is the difference between the mutants and wildtype similar to the difference between the check mutants and wildtype?
  • (Perhaps) compare mutants to each other


These are just some thoughts and not necessarily suggestions.

  • For the seven trays in a column, put all 3 checks and 15 mutants so that all mutants are represented in each column.
  • Repeat this for the following column and then randomly assign the two treatments to one of these columns and the other treatment to the other.
  • For the next combination of two columns, perform the same procedure but use an alpha lattice design to minimize overlap amongst the mutants.