Below are slides (.pdf), R code (.R) extracted from the code that generated the slides, and YouTube links to recorded videos.

PDF Slides

If the files are ever not available here, you can find them here.

Statistical Methods

Topic slides code data
Introduction pdf R keyboard.csv
Scientific Process pdf R  
Probability pdf R  
Binomial distribution pdf R  
Binomial analysis pdf R  
Normal distribution pdf R  
Normal analysis pdf R heights.csv
Statistical inference pdf R  
Review pdf R emergency.csv nielsen.csv


Topic slides code data
Simple linear regression pdf R  
Categorical independent variables pdf R mouse.csv
Experimental Design pdf R  
Regression with logarithms pdf R  
Poisson and logistic regression pdf R  
(Simple) logistic regression pdf R  
Multiple regression pdf R  
Multiple regression examples pdf R  
Poisson regression pdf R  
Logistic regression pdf R  
ANOVA pdf R mouse.csv
P-values pdf R mouse.csv
Interactions pdf R longnosedace.csv
Interactions in regression pdf R  
Interactions in GLMs pdf R  
Crossover designs pdf R  

Scientific Methods

Topic slides code data
Surveys pdf R  

Group Project

Topic slides
Overview pdf
Scientific questions pdf
Annotated bibliography pdf
Introduction pdf
Methods pdf
Code pdf
Results pdf
Discussion pdf
Presentation pdf