Below are slides (.pdf), R code (.R) extracted from the code that generated the slides, and YouTube links to recorded videos.

Chapter slide set files

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All probability pdfs concatenated.

Topic slides code videos
Probability pdf R Full
Discrete distributions pdf R Discrete vs continuous random variables
      Discrete random variables
Continuous distributions pdf R Continuous random variables
Central limit theorem pdf R Central Limit Theorem
      Approximating normal distributions
      Astronomy example
Multiple random variables pdf R Multiple random variables


All inference pdfs concatenated.

Topic slides code videos data
Statistics pdf R Field of statistics  
      Properties of estimators  
      Graphical statistics  
Likelihood pdf R Statistical models  
      Maximum likelihood estimators  
Bayesian parameter estimation pdf R Bayesian parameter estimation  
Exponential distribution pdf R Exponential  
Gamma distribution pdf R Gamma  
Inverse gamma distribution pdf R Inverse_gamma  
T distribution pdf R T distribution  
Normal model pdf R Normal model yield.csv
      Normal model example  
Sampling distribution pdf R Sampling distribution  
Confidence intervals pdf R Confidence intervals  
Statistical hypotheses pdf   Statistical hypotheses  
p-values pdf R p-values  
Hypothesis tests pdf R hypothesis tests  
T-tests pdf R t-tests  
Correspondence: p-values and CIs pdf R Correspondence: p-values and CIs  
What p-values don’t mean pdf R what p-values mean  
Posterior model probability pdf R One-sided alternatives  
      Two-sided alternatives  
      p-values vs posterior probabilities  
Comparing probabilities pdf R Comparing two probabilities  
      Comparing three or more probabilities  
Comparing means pdf R Comparing two means  
      Comparing three or more means  
      Comparing means with equal variances  
Multiple comparisons pdf R    


All regression pdfs concatenated.

Topic slides code video
Simple linear regression pdf R Simple linear regression
  pdf R Choosing explanatory variables
  pdf R Uncertainty and prediction intervals
Regression diagnostics pdf R Regression diagnostics in R}
Using logarithms in regression pdf R Logarithms
      an example
Categorical explanatory variables pdf R Binary variables
      Categorical variables
Multiple regression pdf R Multiple Regression
Interpreting p-values pdf R Interpreting p-values
ANOVA and F-tests pdf R ANOVA
Contrasts pdf R Contrasts
      Potato Scab Example
Experimental design pdf R Completely Randomized Design
      Randomized Complete Block Design
Two-way ANOVA pdf R Analysis of a Completely Randomized Design
      Analysis of Unbalanced or Incomplete Designs
      Analysis for Optimality

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Supplementary materials

Topic slides code
Logistic regression pdf R
Poisson regression pdf R
Random effects pdf R

Supplementary topics

Topic Source Handouts
Data Management Set01.Rnw Set01.pdf
Data Set02.Rnw Set02.pdf
Model comparison SetS04.Rnw SetS04.pdf
Random forests SetS05.Rnw SetS05.pdf