To all Ph.D. students at the University of California, Santa Barbara, please check out the quantitative methods in the social sciences (QMSS) program. From the website:
Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences (QMSS) at UCSB is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. emphasis available to students who wish to develop and use cutting-edge quantitative methods in social science research. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with the rigorous mathematical and statistical background necessary for advanced quantitative work, while also providing a broad interdisciplinary perspective on the use of quantitative methods in the social sciences. A growing number of departments and faculty participate in the emphasis and our weekly colloquia, which features speakers engaged in quantitative research across all social science disciplines.
I recommend any student interested in quantitative analysis in their field check out QMSS. Forecast: Students with a QMSS emphasis will be more marketable than their counterparts without it.

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05 October 2009