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  2. Colin Lewis-Beck, Victoria A. Walker, Jarad Niemi, Petrutza Caragea, and Brian K. Hornbuckle. (2020) ``Extracting Agronomic Information from SMOS Vegetation Optical Depth in the US Corn Belt Using a Nonlinear Hierarchical Model.’’ Remote Sensing. 12(5): 827. url pdf
  3. M.D. Tomer, J.D. Van Horn, S.A. Porter, D.E. James, and J. Niemi. (2020) ``Comparing agricultural conservation planning framework (ACPF) practice placements for runoff mitigation and controlled drainage among 32 watersheds representing Iowa landscapes.’’ Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 75(4): 460-271. url
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  5. Will Landau, Jarad Niemi, and Dan Nettleton. (2019) ``Fully Bayesian analysis of RNA-seq counts for the detection of gene expression heterosis.’’ Journal of the American Statistical Association, 114(526), 610-621. url

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