All I was trying to do was update the driver for an HP Photosmart 8450 printer. The CD with drivers has been lost so I had to search. Googling for an answer brought me to a site ( that said it had the driver I needed. What I actually ended up downloading was an exe file which presumably updates the necessary drivers. But why do I need to agree to the terms just to get a driver for a product I already have?
LICENSE TERMS FOR HP IMAGE ZONE SOFTWARE These License Terms govern your Use of the HP Image Zone Software. 1. License Grant. HP grants you a license to Use one copy of the Software. "Use" includes using, storing, loading, installing, executing, and displaying the Software. You may not modify the Software or disable any licensing or control features of the Software. 2. Ownership. The Software is owned and copyrighted by HP or its third party suppliers. Your license confers no title to, or ownership in, the Software and is not a sale of any rights in the Software. HP's third party suppliers may protect their rights in the event of any violation of these License Terms. 3. Copies and Adaptations. You may only make copies or adaptations of the Software for archival purposes or when copying or adaptation is an essential step in the authorized Use of the Software. You must reproduce all copyright notices in the original Software on all copies or adaptations. You may not copy the Software onto any public network. 4. No Disassembly. You may not Disassemble the Software unless HP's prior written consent is obtained. "Disassemble" includes disassembling, decompiling, decrypting, and reverse engineering. In some jurisdictions, HP's consent may not be required for limited Disassembly. Upon request, you will provide HP with reasonably detailed information regarding any Disassembly. 5. Transfer. Your license will automatically terminate upon any transfer of the Software. Upon transfer, you must deliver the Software, including all copies and related documentation, to the transferee. The transferee must accept these License Terms as a condition of the transfer. 6. Termination. HP may terminate your license, upon notice, for failure to comply with any of these License Terms. Upon termination, you must immediately destroy the Software, together with all copies, adaptations and merged portions in any form. 7. Export Requirements. You may not export or re-export the Software or any copy or adaptation in violation of any applicable laws or regulations. 8. U.S. Government Restricted Rights. The Software has been developed entirely at private expense. It is delivered and licensed, as defined in any applicable DFARS, FARS, or other equivalent federal agency regulation or contract clause, as either "commercial computer software" or "restricted computer software", whichever is applicable. You have only those rights provided for such Software by the applicable clause or regulation or by these License Terms.

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28 December 2009