This outbreak is now a bit outdated (the CDC's final update was Nov 24th), but for completeness I will include it here. For the latest on all E. coli outbreaks, you can visit the CDC E. coli site. The O157:H7 outbreak has its first reported illness on September 17, 2009, and the last on November 6, 2009. With no recent reported illnesses, this outbreak does not seem to be of serious current concern, but please note the beef recall on the bottom of this post. Nonetheless, prepares of beef should check the package and look for the following (taken from the CDC site):
Most of the beef packages in the recall bear the establishment number "Est. 492" inside the USDA mark of inspection and have identifying package dates of "091409", "091509" or "091609".
The map below shows the locations of persons affected with E. coli o157:H7. For those in the vicinity there seems to be little to worry about since the epicenter of the outbreak appears to be in the northeast with only 1 case in California. I'm curious if this person in California had traveled to the northeast and was actually infected there. The only new news about this outbreak is that a recall was announced relating to the O157:H7 outbreak. On Dec 24, 2009, National Steak and Poultry recalled about 248,000 pounds of beef that may be contaminated.  For more information visit their site or the USDA's.

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30 December 2009