Another terms and conditions I won't read. This time to sign up for automatic payment of a credit card.
AUTOPAY PROGRAM AUTHORIZATION FORM To complete your request for enrollment into the AutoPay program, please agree to the information below. To ensure proper withdrawal of your payment, please confirm you provided the proper routing and transit number from the bottom of your check on the Enroll Payment Account screen. To ensure that your AutoPay is processed successfully, you may want to consider overdraft protection, which is available at most financial institutions. For information about overdraft protection, please contact your bank. We will notify you by email when your AutoPay is established. Until then, please continue to make payments on your account as you normally do. If you have any questions, please call us at the toll-free number on the back of your card. Description of amounts to be withdrawn based on what you have chosen: The FULL AMOUNT DUE, as shown on the monthly statement in the box marked New Balance. The balance may range from $0 up to your credit line plus any charges over your credit line that are included in the New Balance. The AutoPay amount will never be more than the New Balance, or Minimum Payment Due, as applicable. However, it may be less because payments, returned purchases, and other credits can reduce the AutoPay amount, if they post to the account between the Closing Date and the date your payment is processed. For example: $1,000.00 New Balance, due on 1/15/XX -$100.00 Extra Payment 1/1/XX -$100.00 Merchant Credit 1/1/XX $800.00 AutoPay Amount 1/15/XX For some credit card products (e.g. Visa Signature/World MasterCard), your statement refers to your credit line as your "credit access line" or "revolving credit line/amount". Please carefully read the following and click on the Accept button to indicate that you have accepted the terms of the AutoPay agreement and have requested enrollment. Please enroll my credit card account in the AutoPay Program. I understand that my credit card payments will be deducted automatically from the designated account each month on my due date. The routing and transit number as well as the account number I provided on the Enroll Payment Account screen will be used to withdraw my monthly payment (the bank must be in the United States). I also understand that the amount of the payments may vary each month and that my monthly statement will be my only notice of the deducted AutoPay amount. Please print a copy of this agreement and keep it for your records. Rev. 12/09

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04 January 2010