Here is an article about 10 internet browsers you (probably) haven't heard of. I actually have heard of 1, Konqueror, although I haven't actually used it. I am pretty fickle with my internet browsers except that I avoid IE at all costs. A while back Opera was my choice since, at the time, it was blazingly fast. Now I'm mainly using Firefox due to its plug-ins, e.g. FireFTP and Xmarks. Last time I checked Xmarks did not work on Chrome or Safari, but it appears that it does now. I tried Chrome for a while, but I couldn't stand its lack of ability to open up a simple pdf within the browsers. I ended up always right-clicking on pdfs and clicking on the download icon at the bottom (the icon is fantastic, much better than Firefox's separate window). Has anybody tried any of these browsers (or others) and you think it is the best thing since sliced bread? If I had to choose one of the list based solely on the screenshot, I would definitely choose Lunascape.

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11 January 2010