I have been gone for a while, but I hope my whole readership hasn't left (not that there was any to begin with). I decided to write after reading this discussion board post about how to extract bibtex information from a file. The relevant entry is reproduced here:
The way i do it is using the electronic god called google.Go to scholar.google.com and and make sure to turn on show link to import citations to bibtex in scholar preferences and type the paper name in search bar.A sign will come below each paper ( import into bibtex ) and if you click on it will take you to a page with citation.Copy paste into bibtex.
So go to scholar.google.com and click on `Scholar preferences'. At the very bottom [at the time of this post], it says `Show links to import citations into [BibTeX].' Now, when you search for an article using scholar, an additional link is available that says `Import into BibTeX.' Click on it and you can cut-and-paste the link. Wow is that easy!

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15 September 2010