This is likely a common title for a post*, but I'll use it anyway. The first roadblock I hit was trying to build an example CUDA program that came with the SDK. In particular, I think the problem is the combination of CUDA, Win7, and x64, although certainly other combinations could have the same problem. Similar to a number of individuals in this blog post, I had linker issues. The resolution (I think) of this problem is that I had to install the x64 compiler which did not install with Visual Studio 2008 the first time (why not??). Trying to start the upgrade from the DVD didn't work, but starting it from Add/Remove programs did. The installation required a file that is found on the Visual Studio 2008 SP1 disc, which I don't have since I downloaded SP1. So I downloaded the required file, SQLSysClrTypes.msi, and ran it. After that ran, I cancelled out of the Visual Studio upgrade which gave me an error message (suggested on some discussion board...apparently the error message is indicating something wasn't installed, but that something is exactly what the msi installed...bizarre, but I guess we're in the clear). Finally, I had to make a number of suggested changes to the properties -> linker in Visual Studio for it to actual compile using the x64 information. These changes are detailed half-way down this page. Now, I am able to get my example project to build, although not without warnings. Now how do I run it? Did I mention that I'm consider going mac? This frustration with Microsoft is certainly increasing energy required to break the potential barrier of that transition. * I should have clarified before even attempting this CUDA blog posting that I am a naive statistical programmer. That is, I write scripts, mainly in R, MATLAB, and (rarely) C, to perform some statistical analysis and I have little understanding of what is going on under the hood. In this post in particular, I throw out words like `build' and `linker' without really understanding what I am talking about. Sure, I have a general sense for what they mean, but no depth whatsoever.

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13 October 2010