• this post at TheBigPicture blog has a myriad of plots concerning the economic recession http://t.co/kAwwH7MB #
  • ISU interviewing pres. candidates this am and announcing the next pres. this pm, how could this turn out poorly? http://t.co/rgdAeXci #
  • the ISU presidency has already gone poorly, it's now 4:30 and no word as to who is the next university president #
  • @ryanjparker it certainly means that it didn't go as smoothly as the board members were hoping #
  • doh, there it is http://t.co/oYXGQTp7 #
  • stealing one from North Carolina: Steven Leath http://t.co/DYicfKBV (can't even find a good unc.edu link) #
  • articles on the philosophy of Bayesian statistics http://t.co/UpfLhLfm #

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01 October 2011