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Special Order

Green Dot Program - Jazzmine Brooks, Green Dot Coordinator

Green Dot is a violence prevention program.

  • Bystander training
  • Presentation requests
  • Toolkits

Announcements and Remarks

Faculty Senate President - Tim Day

  • Thank you to Ben Allen
  • Looking forward to the new administration
  • PLAC?
  • NTE proposal forthcoming
  • Support our graduate students in face of tax plan to tax tuition reimbursement

Faculty Senate President-elect - Peter Martin

  • Spring Faculty Conference “Innovating ISU’s Land Grant Future” - 4 Apr 2018

P&S Council - Jessica Bell

  • HR conducting classification and compensation review
  • Please nominate for P&S awards - deadline 1 Dec
  • Registration open soon for P&S conference

Unfinished Business

Discontinuation of MS in Landscape Architecture [S17-1]

Passed unanimously

US Diversity and International Perspective Requirement Modification [S17-2]

Passed unanimously

New business

FH Unacceptable Performance of Duty [S17-3]

Longest NTE contract is believed to be 5 years.

Minor in Textile Design [S17-4]

No questions.

B.S. in Actuarial Science [S17-5]

No questions.

B.S. in Data Science [S17-6]

  • Related to development of certificate and minor in data science
  • Allows domain-specific data science through electives

Good of the Order

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14 November 2017