Summary from Inside Iowa State.

Special Orders

Faculty Senate Athletic Council Election

Erin Wilgenbusch elected to Athletic Council.

Faculty Athletic Representative Report - Tim Day

Announcements and Remarks

Faculty Senate President - Tim Day

Faculty Senate President-elect - Peter Martin

  • Faculty Conference on Apr 4th

Senior Vice President and Provost - Jonathan Wickert

  • State appropriations: $11M cut to board of regents universities
  • Title IX training

P&S Council - Jessica Bell

Student Government - Kara Masteller

Graduate and Professional Student Senate - Michael Belding

Unfinished Business

Resolution on Climate Change [S17-14]

Passed unanimously.

New business

B.S. in Cyber Security [S17-15]

Illustration Minor [S17-16]

Actuarial Science Certificate [S17-17]

FH Interim Action [S17-18]

FH 2.9.1 Days [S17-19]

NTE Reform – FH Chapters 3 and 5 [S17-20]

  • Lots of comments expressing concern with how to deal with individuals who do not have terminal degrees.
  • I expressed concern about the restrictive research professor renewal requirements.
  • Some concern that this proposal blurs the lines and may make tenure harder to justify in the future.

Good of the Order

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20 March 2018