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Special Orders

Student Accessibility Services

Rename Student Disability Resources is being renamed Student Accessibility Services. Accommodation Requests will soon be electronic.


Academic Affairs Council

Andrea Wheeler (Architecture) approved unanimously.

Governance Council

Brett Sponseller (Veterinary Clinical Services) approved unanimously.

Senate Secretary

Annemarie Butler (Philosophy and Religious Studies) approved unanimously.

Announcements and Remarks

Faculty Senate President - Tim Day

Faculty Senate President-elect - Peter Martin

Senior Vice President and Provost - Jonathan Wickert

  • $10.9M state-budget allocation reversion for Regent Universities (~$5.4M for ISU) - trying to absorb this at university and provost levels
  • FY19 appropriation is unknown
  • Tuition proposal to Regents first reading is next week (vote in June)
    • 3.8% increase for Iowa undergraduate students
    • 4% for other enrollment categories
    • differential tuition for majors with labs or experiential programs

Graduate and Professional Student Senate - Michael Belding

Unfinished Business

B.S. in Cyber Security [S17-15]

Passed unanimously.

Illustration Minor [S17-16]

Passed unanimously.

Actuarial Science Certificate [S17-17]

Passed unanimously.

FH Interim Action [S17-18]

Passed unanimously.

FH 2.9.1 Days [S17-19]

Passed unanimously.

NTE Reform – FH Chapters 3 and 5 [S17-20]

Vote in two weeks.

Major issues:

  • Professor of Practice: what levels if any should be included?
  • Teaching line: terminal degrees and titles
  • Research professor: did not get to this discussion

New business

Doctor of Education [S17-21]

Graduate Certificate in Meat Science [S17-22]

FH Military Service [S17-23]

Good of the Order

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03 April 2018