My post yesterday mentioned that I would appreciate tools in R for data entry. Yesteday I mentioned that basing it off data.entry() or View() might make sense, but an alternative is to base it off shiny. Googling “data entry shiny”, one of the first hits is a blog post from 2015 by Dean Attali showing how to use shiny to recreate a Google Form.

The developed app was used for a class to obtain data from students. In my opinion, to convert this into a form to allow for data entry, we would want to

  • check input values
  • save form data as a file (rather than into a data.frame)

The check input could execute continuously or only when the user tried to save the information in the form. The form should also allow you to update the reasonable values, e.g. suppose you had a maximum value for the data but your actual data point was higher than this maximum value (but was correct) then you would want to change the maximum allowable value. Alternatively, the check input could execute when the user tried to save the information in the form and indicate any entry errors.

It would be nice to also have an additional shiny app that allows you to easily construct the desired form. This app would allow you to set up, for each piece of data being entered,

  1. name
  2. type
  3. acceptable values

Ideally it would also allow you to organize the different pieces of data on the page.

Once executed, this app would create another app or tab (or something) that would create the desired data entry form.

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19 October 2017