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The required textbook for this course is

There is now second edition of this book

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We will be using the statistical software R. I will be using RStudio as the interface to R. Although both will be available on lab computers, I suggest you install R and RStudio on your own laptop or desktop.

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Course Description

Modern statistical computing. Topics may include: data management; spread sheets; verifying data accuracy; transferring data between software packages; data and graphical analysis with statistical software packages; algorithmic programming concepts and applications; simulation studies and resampling methods; software reliability; statistical modeling and machine learning.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to

  • Wrangle data and construct visualizations to demonstrate scientific phenomenon.
  • Implement a data management pipeline, including relevant feed back loops in order to obtain a reproducible workflow.
  • Construct R functions and scripts to obtain a stated input-output goal.
  • Produce a Monte Carlo simulation study to demonstrate a theoretical probability result.


The prerequisite for the course is previous enrollment in one of the following statistics (STAT) courses: 301, 326, 401, or 587.



1|Review|Open Intro (entire book) 2|Visualization|R4DS Ch1-3


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