This website is designed to host course material for STAT 544 - Bayesian Statistics at Iowa State University.


The required textbook for the course is Bayesian Data Analysis (3rd edition).

Some other introductory suggestions are linked below:


This course will utilize the statistical software R and the Bayesian software Stan.

Some links to other Bayesian statistical software is provided on the software page.

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Course Description

Specification of probability models; subjective, conjugate, and noninformative prior distributions; hierarchical models; analytical and computational techniques for obtaining posterior distributions; model checking, model selection, diagnostics; comparison of Bayesian and traditional methods.

Course Objectives

Students passing this course will be able to

  • Explain the basics of a Bayesian analysis including prior, likelihood, and posterior.
  • Derive a conjugate Bayesian analysis with Jeffreys prior.
  • Implement a computational Bayesian analysis using JAGS or Stan.


The prerequisite for the course is previous or concurrent enrollement in STAT 543 or equivalent, e.g. Econ 672.


Please use the Canvas discussion forum.

Reading schedule

See slides page.

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This course abides by the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching recommended syllabi statements.