This [unedited] guest post is by a student in my PSTAT262MC class (background post). Please praise/critique/comment on its quality and importance to you.

igor [thumbnails].jpgIgor Himelfarb says: The data consists n = 2638 points of information of first year college GPA (FYGPA), high school GPA (HSGPA), SAT scores (SATCR, SATM, and SATW), and Income for college-bound high school seniors. The data is divided into 12 years starting from 1997 and ending at 2008. Each data point corresponds to a self-reported, particular value for a particular student. No violation of normality was found for all variables except Income. Dynamic regression will be estimated predicting FYGPA from HSGPA and SAT’s. My prediction (95% interval) that in year 2010, for a student who scored 500 on each of the SAT’s and had HSGPA = 3.5, FYGPA will be equal to 2.43.

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05 March 2010