This [unedited] guest post is by a student in my PSTAT262MC class (background post). Please praise/critique/comment on its quality and importance to you.

bin [thumbnails].jpgBin Ren says: The data is about California regular retail gasoline prices. Regular gasoline is the gasoline having an antiknock index (average of the research octane rating and the motor octane number) greater than or equal to 85 and less than 88. The data consists of 510 weekly California regular all formulations retail gasoline prices from May 22, 2000 to Feb 22, 2010 and are collected by telephone from a sample of approximately 900 retail gasoline outlets. The price includes all taxes and is the pump price paid by a consumer as of 8:00 a.m. Monday. The data is shown in the picture below. My forecast (95% interval) of regular all formulations retail gasoline price in week 515 (Mar 29 2010) and week 540 (Sep 20 2010) is 285.4428 (235,335), and 340 (100, 480). Bin_blog1_pic.jpeg

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07 March 2010