This [unedited] guest post is by a student in my PSTAT262MC class (background post). Please praise/critique/comment on its quality and importance to you.

susie [thumbnails].jpgSusie Kang says: Blood glucose levels over three periods of 7 days were collected from 86 insulin-dependent individuals and analyzed to provide insight on diabetes management, with respect to insulin dosing. Transcutaneous sensors, which were inserted in the abdominal region, collected glycated glucose level information every 5 minutes, for 7 days. This information was initially masked during the first period, but later revealed to the subjects. The figure below shows hourly blood glucose levels for a patient over a period of one week. My forecast (95% interval) for plasma blood glucose levels at 3 AM and 6 PM are 150 and 200, respectively. susie.jpg

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08 March 2010