I have recently started using OpenBUGS and am again frustrated with the lack of helpfulness of the error codes. More importantly, there is a lack of online resources for determining what the error codes mean. Therefore I have decided to start logging my errors and the fixes that I found. This code: y <- rbinom(1,10,.5) library(R2OpenBUGS) model <- function() { y ~ dbin(0.5,N) N ~ dpois(10) } fn <- file.path(tempdir(), "model.txt") write.model(model,fn) data <- list(y) inits <- list(list(N=10)) parameters <- c("N") sim <- bugs(data,inits,parameters,fn,n.chains=1,n.burnin=1,n.thin=1,n.iter=3) produced the following error in the log file: OpenBUGS version 3.2.1 rev 781 type 'modelQuit()' to quit OpenBUGS> model is syntactically correct OpenBUGS> expected variable name error pos 5 (error on line 1) OpenBUGS> model compiled OpenBUGS> OpenBUGS> initial values loaded but chain contain uninitialized variables OpenBUGS> initial values generated, model initialized OpenBUGS> 1 updates took 0 s OpenBUGS> monitor set OpenBUGS> monitor set OpenBUGS> monitor set OpenBUGS> monitor set OpenBUGS> deviance set OpenBUGS> which was due to the line data <- list(y) which should have been data <- list(y=y)

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07 October 2011