Since me and my family are current `under the weather' I thought I would check in on the current flu status. I looked at 3 sources of information about influenza: CDC, Google Flu Trends, and Flu Near You. The US-wide time series for this year from these sites is provided below. Of the default plots that each of these sites has, Google is the only one with a quick way of comparing this season to other seasons (dark blue line [current] vs light blue lines [previous]). So far it has been a pretty mild flu season. But taking a look at the CDC and Flu Near You sites, it looks like the number of cases has been dramatically increasing in the past couple of weeks. The main question of interest is how high will the peak go and how wide will it be. Based on nothing more than my absolute guess, I believe we will see 2 more weeks of increased flu activity, i.e. the peak will be 201208 on the CDC plot. I believe the max height will be 4.3 on Flu Near You and 18% on the CDC percent positive. Let's see what happens. CDC Flu data: Google Flu Trends: Flu Near Your (no idea why they start the plot at the peak of last year's season):

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20 February 2012