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Special Order

Approval of Fall 2017 Graduation List

Approved unanimously.

Memorial Resolution

NTE Annual Report - Provost Jonathan Wickert

Instruction by NTE Faculty should be less than 15% across the university

  • by section credits, we are at 34.8%
  • by student credit hours, we are at 41.0%
  • by course sections, we are at 33.6%

  • instruction by NTE Faculty should be less than 25% in all departments
    • 35 of 56 departments are currently over 25%
  • ISU is at 17.4% of NTE Faculty out of all faculty which ranks 6 of 11 amongst our peer land-grant institutions

Announcements and Remarks

Faculty Senate President

Faculty Senate President-Elect - Peter Martin

  • Publication Subvention Grant for Open Access
    • award for half of publication costs up to ~$1,250
    • requirements are onerous and timeline is fast

Provost - Jonathan Wickert

  • Dean David Spalding reappointed
  • February first meeting by Board of Regents on tuition
  • Iowa Revenue projections indicate ~50M will need to be cut from state budget
  • Federal Tax legislation effect on students
    • Tax on tuition waivers
    • Tax on tuition assistance by employers
    • Tax on endowments (for private universities)
  • Faculty professional development approvals will happen at January Board meeting

Student Government - Cody Smith

Unfinished Business

FH Unacceptable Performance of Duty [S17-3]

Passed unanimously.

Minor in Textile Design [S17-4]

Passed unanimously.

B.S. in Actuarial Science [S17-5]

Passed unanimously.

B.S. in Data Science [S17-6]

Passed unaniously.

New business

FH Major Sanction Process [S17-9]

No discussion.

Master of Real Estate Development [S17-10]

No discussion.

Ph.D. Population Sciences in Animal Health [S17-11]

  • Requires STAT 402, but not STAT 401.

Change to Academic Renewal [S17-12]

No discussion.

Update Prerequisites Language in Catalog [S17-13]

System does not currently enforce prerequisites. This update allows administrative drops to be used to drop students from a course.

Good of the Order

  • Suggestion to evaluate student evaluation process. A task force currently exists to perform this evaluation.

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12 December 2017