Summary from Inside Iowa State.

Special Orders

Update on Research Mission


  • Hub for all things inclusion at ISU.
  • If interested in joining, click on the “Join/nominate to the development team” link.

Title IX Awareness

President-elect Election

Announcements and Remarks

Faculty Senate President - Tim Day

  • Poor budget outlook

Faculty Senate President-elect - Peter Martin

Provost - Jonathan Wickert

P&S Council - Jessica Bell

  • Peer advocacy: gender neutral bathrooms

Student Government - Cody West

  • Elections soon

Graduate and Professional Student Senate - Michael Belding

Unfinished Business

FH Major Sanction Process

Passed unanimously.

Master of Real Estate Development

Passed unanimously.

Ph.D. Population Sciences in Animal Health

Passed unanimously.

Change to Academic Renewal

Passed unanimously.

Update Prerequisites Language in Catalog

Passed unanimously.

New business

Good of the Order

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16 January 2018